Wet Electric Scooter: What to do now?

Oh no, my electric scooter has a damage from water! What should I do now?
Here we go, water or rain damage is one of the most common enemies of electric scooter. I got tons of messages from boys and girls telling me that they got their e-scooter wet and now it doesn’t work anymore.
But don’t worry, in this guide I will show you how to fix a wet electric scooter and how you can hopefully save it!

Wet Electric Scooter: is it totally broken?

Probably, no. Unless you dropped the electric scooter in a pool or in the sea, we will save it and repair it. But you have to act fast, as water damage gets worse over time!

Wet Electric Scooter: What to do now?

What to do if your electric scooter has a water damage

  1. Turn it off

    First of all, turn it off. Disconnect or remove all the accessories of the scooter, such has external light, horn and so on.

  2. Don’t try to turn it on or charge the battery

    Don’t try to turn on the scooter and don’t try to recharge the battery. Doing so can worse the situation.

  3. Open up the battery slot

    The lithium battery is either in the deck or in the stem. Find the battery location, unscrew the screws and open up the scooter.

  4. Leave the scooter in a warm, dry place

    Remove the eventual water you see and now let the scooter dry completely.
    I suggest you to NOT use an hairdryer to speed up the process.
    Heating up the battery can be dangeorus and the air can blow small water drops on electronic circuits.
    Just leave the scooter in a warm and dry place, possibly under the sun, even for some days, until it’s completely dried.
    Do not expose the scooter to temperature over 50 degrees Celsius as it could be dangerous because of the lithium battery.

Okay, now you know all you can do to save your vehicle form water damage.

Remember, I saw some electric scooter being unable to turn on for 6-7 days, then correctly dried and finally fixed!

To conclude, let’s answer just one more related question:

Can I use an electric scooter in the rain?

The short answer is yes, you can. Most of the electric scooters can be used under a light rain without any problem, just pay attention when you drive and brake.

I always recommend to install a plastic cover on the dashboard, as the dashboard is the most vulnerable part to rain.

Thanks for reading!

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