Trail Camera does not send Photos: Problems and Solutions

If your trail camera does not send photos and videos, there is a certainly problem. In this guide I will explain step-by-step a set of operations you can do to find and solve the problem in your trail camera or hunting camera and make sure to receive the photo or videos taken by the camera itself in real time via email or via the app.

In this guide I will help you solve the following problems:

  • the trail camera takes photos and videos, but does not send them to the mobile phone
  • the trail camera does not send any email
  • the trail camera does not take photos or videos
  • trail camera has stopped sending images via email or via the connected app
  • I do not receive the photos and videos sent by my trail camera

Camera Trap Does Not Send Mail, Photos and Videos: All Problems and Solutions

Here’s a simple checklist you can follow to find and fix your trail camera’s problem.

Internet connection

First of all, check that the camera is able to connect to the internet .

To do this, simply turn on the camera, put it in test mode, or simply turn it on and observe the signal logo 📶.

If the camera does not connect to the internet, check that the SIM has an internet data plan and check that you have entered the correct SIM card APN. You can change it from the camera parameters by entering the correct one of your SIM operator.

Internet APN list of Italian camera trap operators

Still haven’t chosen a sim for your camera trap? I wrote a guide to help you choosing the best sim for a trail camera!

Password of the sending email

The camera trap must have access to an email to send the photos or videos. Double-check that you have correctly entered the password of this email address in the configuration parameters of the camera.

If you have added additional security levels to your mailbox (for example, to log in you need to enter a second-factor-authentication-code that is sent to your phone number), the camera trap will not be able to log in.

It is always a good idea to create an exclusive email account for your camera trap. (example:

SSL, Server and port of the sending email

SSL is the security protocol through which the camera will attempt to access the mailbox to send an email. (learn more about SSL)

Check the SSL of the email from which the photo should start. Find the SSL menu in the camera setup software.

Also check the server parameter you entered and the port .

In my Suntek camera trap , for example, the setup menu looks something like this:

server, port and ssl settings for sending trail camera mail

If after double-checking everything the camera still does not send emails, try to use an email provider without SSL (No SSL)

Update the camera’s firmware

The firmware is the basic software of the trail camera , and controls all its main functions. The firmware is updated by manufacturers periodically to keep camera traps compatible with the latest protocols.
If your trailcamera still doesn’t work, you should try updating its firmware.

How to update the firmware of your trail camera? Is simple:

  • visit the trail camera manufacturer’s site
  • find the model page of your device
  • from the downloads section, download the latest firmware on your computer
  • paste the firmware into an empty microSD
  • insert the microSD into the camera and just turn it on

Error and service log files

If you still haven’t solved everything, please contact the manufacturer or seller of your camera for assistance . Take care to attach the log file that you find in the microSD of the camera after trying to send a photo.

This text file may appear to contain somewhat illegible information, but it contains error codes that allow support to quickly identify the problem and provide you with a solution.

Check the log file and delete any personal data before attaching it and sending it to the support team.

The guide ends here, now you know what to do if your camera no longer sends photos and videos. Thanks for reading!

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