How to Reset Your Electric Scooter

If you’re experiencing some troubles with your electric scooter, you could try a reset. The reset of an electric scooter is an easy operation and can solve both hardware and software-related problems. So let’s start, here’s the guide on how to reset your electric scooter!

How to reset your electric scooter

Just an information before starting. If you are the owner of a Xiaomi/Segway Ninebot scooter, you may find useful to read my error codes list. You should be able find the reason and the solution of the problem. Read the error codes list here.

If you are the owner of any other electric scooter, let’s go on with the reset procedure.

First of all, be careful. Resetting an electric scooter is an easy operation, but can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention.

Step 1: Find the location of the battery in your electric scooter

Turn off the scooter. The first thing you need to do is to find the position of the battery in your micro-vehicle.

Most of the models have the battery installed inside the deck, while in some others the battery is mounted in the stem. You can find the position of the battery by taking a look at the manual.

Step 2: Disassemble the scooter and access the battery

Together with some screw drivers, disassemble the electric scooter. This is not a model-specific guide, so if you need more precise instructions, try to look at the manual or on the internet.

For example, if you have the Xiaomi M365, here’s a video tutorial on how to open the scooter (thanks, WellDoneTips)

Now that you have unscrewed some screws, take a look inside. You should notice the control board near the battery. The control board is the heart of your scooter: it manages all the hardware components.

The control board looks like a metal box. Below are three examples of control boards:

Step 3: Reset the Electric Scooter

Now, all you have to do is disconnect the control board from the battery, simply unplugging the cables that connect them.

Leave the cables disconnected for some minutes and then plug them back in. You have now successfully reset your scooter and all its sensors!

What if the reset did not solve the problem? Well, If you bought the scooter less than 2 years ago, you can probably still use the free warranty. I wrote an article here explaining how to use the warranty of an electric scooter.

Thanks for reading!